Mens cargo pants – just the name sums it all up: a true military classic. I guess we should thank the army for creating such clothing that is now being used not only for function, but for form as well. So what’s the deal on these pairs? Here’s a quick overview on the things you should know, such as styles and what type fits you best before you hop inside your car and drive to the nearest store to buy yourself one.


Black Cargo Pants For Men

Just about any type of cargo pants can suit any dude’s style. But depending on the occasion, you must prepare the right pair to avoid making yourself the number one target of the Fashion Police. Mens black cargo pants are my absolute favorite. One: because of the color and two: the classiness it possesses. Black can just about take you anywhere – from formal parties to semi-casual meetings. It can also be perfect for the winter time. Just pair it with a plain turtleneck or a knitted pullover and you’re on your way.

Camouflage Cargo Pants For Men

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going on a hiking trip with your girl or working out in the gym with your buds. Mens camo cargo pants will prove to be your best buddy in all of the aforementioned endeavors. Who would want to misplace their keys or their wallets? I’m sure I don’t. The pockets of these cargo pants will serve you in every way imaginable. You can store just about anything in them like your cellphones or emergency snacks. It can also be quite the fashion statement for hip hop dancers. In my experience as a dancer, camo cargo pants can just about justify any dance routine you can create – from hip hop to jazz to popping and locking. Camos are your best friends so don’t think otherwise.


Khaki Cargo Pants For Men

Mens khaki cargo pants are probably the best choice for first time cargo pants buyers since it goes well with just about anything in your closet. I own a pair as well and there is a number of time where I wore my khaki cargo pants several times consecutively just because my other pairs doesn’t seem to fit my outfit. You can wear black shirts to white shirts and pair them with khaki pants and it never goes wrong because it evens out the colors. Khaki cargo pants can also be worn in your office meetings; just be sure that you can look formal in them by wearing a long-sleeved polo shirt for your top.


Skinny Cargo Pants For Men

Mens skinny cargo pants will only serve you justice when you’re tall. I am not against short people, believe me. And believe me when I say that I am also trying to help the people who lack the height from making a fool of themselves by buying a pair of skinnies. Because it just won’t work. Skinnies are meant for accentuating body figure and it isn’t exactly appealing when you have short legs. There are loose-fitting pairs for the short crowd so you might want to try those on first. Skinny cargo pants would look great in formal wear and also the not so formal like parties.

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