Green cargo pants are among our style picks today. Cargos are still a favorite for people of all ages. Men, women and even kids wear it everywhere. Gone are the days when cargos are only seen in hard-labor industries. People not only wear it to perform physical tasks that require comfortable clothes. Cargo pants of different colors are also now seen in semi-formal settings such as the office. Style a modern pair of men’s green cargo pants with a nice-looking polo shirt and formal shoes and you will have yourself a looker.

Below are the reasons cargo pants will never go out of style:

People Love Comfort More Than Style.

I love home because it is a place where I can wear anything and not worry about what other people would say. If this is the case everywhere, fashion will not exist. Because people will always have something to say about what you wear outside your four walls, we tend to choose to be more stylish. More often than not, comfort gets compromised. Any opportunity to wear baggy clothes is always appreciated.

Cargo pants break this barrier and combine comfort and style. The original cargo design consisted of wide hips, narrow waists and large extra pockets that make the pants appear bulky. Both men and women’s green cargo pants transitioned into the stylish world and now have varied designs that make it possible for wearers to stay in fashion.

Cargo Is Cheap.

It is not made of silk imported from China. Cargo is mainly made from cotton and this is not counted as one of the most expensive fabric out there. Because cargo started as an industrial clothing, the appreciation for it has not really gone up despite of it being around for more than a decade now.

While this may not sound good, this works for men and for women better in terms of price. You can have it and not pay as much as you usually do on clothes.

Cargo Is Widely Available.

Brands such as Lee, Dickies, True Religion and North Face are just a few of the stores that have abundant selections of cargo clothing articles. All stores have varied selections so you will be provided options to go sporty, casual, or semi-formal. You will also not run out of choices in terms of colors. Popular picks are often army green cargo pants but cargo can be dyed. More feminine types can even have brighter colors in pink, blue and orange.

Cargo’s Distinct Style Is Timeless.

Originally classified as clothing for function rather than style, cargo pants started a following from people everywhere. Both Western and Asian countries developed a liking for it and this never seemed to stop. Some may have negative things to say about cargo pants but the truth is the demand is still high for this type of pants outside hard-labor industries.

Because of the many different style variations, cargo will never be out of fashion. Anything from olive green cargo pants to traditional army camouflage will continue to be present in the stylish world.

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