Face it, the reason why you’re reading this article right now is because you’re suffering from a newly discovered chronic disease called Lack of knowledge on Wrangler Cargo Pants. Looking to buy a new pair of jeans to help you up your game? Specifically cargo pants? Don’t worry; it’s quite normal for the average dude looking for some new stuff to put inside his closet. I’ve experienced the trouble myself so I’m here to help you. This will educate you on the list of products Wrangler can offer. Shall we get started?


Wrangler Ripstop Cargo Pants

Well, aren’t those pants quite lovely? While you’re sitting there in front of your computer, sulking over the lack of attractive wardrobe inside your closet, Wrangler’s pretty busy making this stuff for other people. And those others are pretty busy buying their selves a pair! These pants are made of 100% Ripstop cotton, thus the name, and will guarantee you a high level of satisfaction once you put them on. Varying in color from black to grey to navy blue, buying the Wrangler Ripstop Cargo Pants can never do you wrong.


Wrangler Hero Cargo Pants

I have to say that these ones are my absolute favorite for one ultimate reason. They help you survive. Wrangler Hero Cargo Pants come with a variation of colors of British Khaki, Olive, Chocolate and Dark Putty. These pants are made of 100% twill cotton so they give you maximum comfort and ease. They have wide leg openings extending to as much as 19”. They posses a mid-rise fit just ebbing below the waist and are absolutely loose fitting through the bum and thighs. Can you just imagine the comfort they can provide? I sure can.

Wrangler Camo Cargo Pants

If you’re edging towards the more outgoing and bold type, then these are the pants for you. The Wrangler Camo Cargo Pants are perhaps the most famous ones out there in the market. You can just about purchase them anywhere online without any hassle. You can also try your local malls and boutiques for these wonderful pairs and without any doubt you’d be able to find them. Also, these pants will give you an edgy look for they have the famous camouflage design. I must say that seeing a dude wearing camo’s these days is quite rare, so just imagine the look on those girls’ faces when they see you donning one confidently, along with that muscle-fit shirt and those aviators. They would dig it.


Wrangler Originals Cargo Pants

Last, but definitely not the least, the Wrangler Originals Cargo pants. Now, these ones may be a bit hard to find. You can tell just by looking at the name of the collection. The Wrangler Originals are Wrangler’s finest but they tend to disappear from online shops because they have been outdated far too long and the numbers of new products they produce just keep on coming. But if ever you happen to land your hands on a pair, consider yourself lucky for they are definitely a keeper.

Bottomline is, all the products that Wrangler makes are top-notch. That’s why they’re world famous. Just be sure to always check in the mirror how you look before you step out of your house. Because even though you’ve got yourself some designer jeans, it always pays well to keep yourself in check and make sure that you don’t look stupid.

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